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Video works

Torn Apart: exploring emotional barriers

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Exhibition booklet for Torn Apart: exploring emotional barriers 

Contains images of the work in the exhibition, an essay explaining the thinking behind the work and a foreword by Professor Catherine Harper, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University for the Creative Arts.

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Dust of Memory

This video piece was made to reflect on the resolution of mourning as an ethereal state. Chalk is used as it is formed from the microscopic skeletons of marine plankton, colourless and pure, collapsed and compressed, over millions of years. Chalk is made from ancient dead organisms and so carries with it a sense of loss, not morbid and heavy but ethereal, light and full of hope. The chalk in this video artwork was blown into the air and onto a constructed cloth artwork titled ‘Holding On’ (2012) This work consists of patches of cloth that are barely held together with stitch. Some of these have been printed with fragments of letters from people I know who have died in recent years.

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The bedsheet – from linen cupboard to art gallery

This video was made to accompany my paper of the same name, given at the Matter of Material Symposium at Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK in 2017. This has been published in a Textile Cloth and Culture special issue on the symposium.

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Cloth and Memory 2012

I was interviewed about the development of my work for the ‘Cloth and Memory’ exhibition in Salts Mill, Saltaire, UK.

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International Linen Biennale 2019

The work ‘The Sorrow and the Pity’ was made for the International Linen Biennale in Portneuf, Quebec, Canada in 2019. I was interviewed about my working practice for the Biennale

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World of Threads Festival

I was interviewed about my work by the World of Threads Festival – you can read about my work and see images

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 Textile Cloth and Culture 2019

Part of my PhD research has been published as ‘Connecting with the viewer – affectivity and cathexis in textile artwork’ in the journal Textile Cloth and Culture.

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